Cast of Characters
Preface: Fast Forward to Martyrdom                        

PART ONE: 1946 to 2001                                                             
Chapter 1: Golden Flake                                                                                            
Chapter 2: Ink-Stained Wretch                                                                                  
Chapter 3: Off and Running                                                                          
Chapter 4: Scrushy plays the lottery                                                                                      

PART TWO: The Stories                                                               
Chapter 5: Honda                                                                                                      
Chapter 6: Continuing Education                                                                  
Chapter 7: Landfill Lanny                                                                             
Chapter 8: Seeds of Destruction                                                                                
Chapter 9: G.H. “Goat Hill” Construction                                        
Chapter 10: The Warehouse Stories                                                               
Chapter 11: Night on the Town                                                                                 
Chapter 12: Siegelman Tax                                                                
Chapter 13: Friction                                                                                       
Chapter 14: Siegelman’s Big Score                                                               
Chapter 15: The Phone Call                                                                           
Chapter 16: War                                                                                                         
Chapter 17: Competition                                                                                           
Chapter 18: Disarray                                                                          
Chapter 19: Landfill Lanny’s Toxic Tax Cut                                                
Chapter 20: Selling a House, Siegelman style                                                           
Chapter 21: The $50,000 Fee
Chapter 22: The Governor’s Stockbroker                                                      
Chapter 23: The Canary Canard                                                                                
Chapter 24: The Foundation Phantom                                                                       
Chapter 25: A Scrushy Surprise                                                                                 
Chapter 26: Ethics, Alabama Style                                                                
Chapter 27: Siegelman v. Riley                                                                                 
Chapter 28: The KKK Took My Election Away 

Part Three: USA v. Siegelman                                                       
Chapter 29: Warming the Bench                                                                   
Chapter 30: The Bobo Debacle                                                                                  
Chapter 31: The Crusades                                                                                          
Chapter 32: Indicted                                                                                      
Chapter 33: Nick and Lanny, Under Siege                                                   
Chapter 34: The Motorcycle                                                                          
Chapter 35: Quid Pro Rico and the Absolute Agreement                             
Chapter 36: Siegelman 17, Government 0                                                     
Chapter 37: Sudden Death Overtime                                                            
Chapter 38: Target: Jurors                                                                              

Part Four: The Hoax that Suckered Some of the Top Names in Journalism
Chapter 39: The Dishonest Broker
Chapter 40: Dana Jill                                                                                     
Chapter 41: Hook Line and Sinker                                                                            
Chapter 42: The Man in the Iron Mask                                                          
Chapter 43: Creative Perjury                                                                         
Chapter 44: Dumb and Dumber                                                                                            
Chapter 45: Me v. Horton                                                                              
Chapter 46: “60 Minutes” Kicks Karl Rove’s Butt   
Chapter 47: Rappin’ on Rove
Chapter 48: Pardon Me!
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