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Personally signed

books for $13

includes tax and mailing



    There are also lower prices for multiple orders (see PayPal button).


    The hardback is $35 -- a higher price because I wasn't able to purchase them in great numbers.

    "The Governor of Goat Hill" can be purchased several ways. I make more money if it's purchased directly from me, and that way you get a personalized, signed copy.

      I accept payment by check (see details below) or credit card (see PayPal.)


   If paying by check, please send payment and signing directions to:

Eddie Curran

133 Silverwood

Mobile, AL 36607

      If you wish to have the book signed to someone other than yourself, please provide their name. Also, if you purchase multiple copies and wish for some or all of them to have a personalized signing (To Bob, etc.), please provide those names.


      "The Governor of Goat Hill" is also available at Books-A-Millions in Alabama (go to the Regional section), and, on e-book/Kindle, through Amazon.Com.

I can also be reached at:

Phone: 251-454-1911



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