The Sam Jones Probe

Why the Hell is the Rush To Judgment

Taking So Damn Long?


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Special Report by Goat Hill author in the "Mod Mobilian"

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Just Because You Won't Believe It Doesn't Mean It's Not True


The Video News Report You Will Never See on ANY of Mobile's TV News Channels

Shocking Developments

in Jones Case

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"Bootleg" Copy of

Strange But True Mod Mobilian "Jones Vid"




Author's Letter

To Ashley Rich:

If DA to investigate Mayor's campaign spending,

she should correct her reports and disclose all


The Mod Mobilian/its editorial

After I wrote the, "Letter to Ashley Rich," I was contacted by a friend who, along with two others, runs the "Mod

Mobilian," a excellent local web-site that primarily covers the local music and arts scene. He'd spoken to me before about doing some writing and I told him I was

working on some other things regarding the "Sam Jones Campaign Spending Scandal." He/the Mod Mobilian could publish if they wished. Certainly that would

provide for a larger readership, and if I'm going to go to the trouble to to research and write this stuff, the more readers the better.

I was going to "publish" whatever I wrote on my web-site or a related blog site where I occasionally post things. Almost all of my previous work on the blog and web-site has been related to the Siegelman case, the hope being that people might come to the web-site or blog and buy my book on the Siegelman saga. Thus, the entirety of my financial incentive (and it's not much!)

So... I agreed to let the Mod Mobilian publish my Roger Bedford piece. This Mod Mobilian friend (a brain surgeon, and that is the absolute truth),

suggested we do some video to go with the Bedford story. I decided to pull out an old mask I bought years ago while shopping with my then very

young son for a Halloween costume for him and the "moddest" shirt I own, purchased years ago at the FloraBama. The goal was to have fun with

some of the campaign reports I've been perusing since deciding (again, on my own, no pay, no encouragement or even knowledge of anyone

whatsoever) to wade into the "Jones scandal."

Thus, the "Sam Jones Vid," the "edited" version run on Mod Mobilian and the unedited, longer "bootleg."I went to the Mod Mobilian site and saw where someone (am guessing it was the brain surgeon) wrote an editorial about their decision to publish my Roger Bedford story and the Vid. I sense, but don't know for sure, that the "Mobilian" has come in for some criticism for publishing something that doesn't swim with the tide on the Sam Jones campaign spending story. You know: How dare anyone, especially someone in the media large or small, present an opposing viewpoint.

The Gall!

Here is that editorial.

The work here, nutty as some of it may appear, did require actual work, was done without pay (though I may get few nickels from the ModMobilian.) The Bedford story, especially, took a considerable amount of time, both to research and write. Reporters at newspapers get paid. Rubes like me who take time away from what they should be doing, such as trying to make a living, do not get paid.


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