Otis to the Rescue


Otis to the Rescue!


      The following is from, "The Governor of Goat Hill." The first part is the end of a chapter called, "Dana Jill."

     The second excerpt is the start of the next chapter, called, "Hook, Line & Sinker."


          Three weeks before Simpson signed her affidavit, the New York Times published a little-noticed but prophetic story bearing the headline, “Some ask if U.S. Attorney Dismissals Point to Pattern of Investigating Democrats.”

         The piece reported complaints by several Democratic defendants claiming to have been targeted for political reasons.

          Among the examples given was the Siegelman case.

          The appearance of such a story so soon before the eruption of the “selective prosecution” scandal suggests that someone was already planting seeds with the paper.

      Simpson, as she was to testify, chose to sign and have her affidavit notarized in Georgia because she feared that powerful forces in Alabama might bring trumped up perjury charges against her. On May 21, she called Bollinger (Mark Bollinger,

a friend of Simpson's and Siegelman's and long-time Democratic operative), he met her at the office of a lawyer friend in Rising Fawn, Ga. During the drive there she called Richard Scrushy to give him the excellent news that it was a thumbs up all around.

        Were there high-fives and hurrahs that Jill had come through? Probably we will never know. However, a chain of possession was decided upon.

      “So your understanding is that you gave the affi davit to Mark Bollinger, who in turn would give it to John Aaron, who would then in turn give it to Richard Scrushy?” a Judiciary Committee lawyer asked her months later.

        “And also to Don Siegelman,” Simpson responded.

         Can’t forget him!

         Before June 2007, no one – not even Siegelman -- had connected Karl Rove to his case.

         Until Jill Simpson’s affi davitit was Riley Riley Riley, and the state media had long ceased listening to that song.

         After Jill, everything changed. The show went big time. Forget Bob Riley, and for that matter, the Alabama media.

         The new story was Karl Rove, and he was far bigger than us.

        It was time for the likes of Time magazine, the New York Times, Harper’s and CBS News to bring a fresh set of eyes to the case.

 Here begins the start of the next chapter, "Hook, Line & Sinker."

              As Jill Simpson’s Karl Rove fable spread and people asked my opinion, I called upon the fictional town made famous by Andy, Barney and Goober. My Mayberry metaphor goes something like this:

           I work for the local paper. Several years back I wrote a load of stories which if I may say so proved that our mayor, his driver/budget officer and a host of dubious others were selling our little town for a song and dance. The feds read the stories, conducted their own investigation, brought charges against the by-then ex-mayor, the case went to trial and a jury of local folk found him guilty.

              Then one of our more illustrious citizens filed an affidavit – sworn, as no one tired of saying, under penalty of perjury. Well, not really filed it. Gave it to a couple of big national newspapers. Guess you’d call it a notarized press release, if there is such a beast.

              This fine character – by the way, in cahoots with the ex-mayor and his lawyers and friends -- claimed in this “affidavit” that the senior advisor to the President of the United States had it in for the former mayor of Mayberry.

              Why the hell this Washington big-shot was supposed to care about Mayberry’s ex-mayor I never could figure. Probably because he didn’t.

            But Ernest T. Bass swore he did. And if that wasn’t enough, Otis backed him up 100 percent.

            And those big-time national newspapers believed it!

            And get this: So did Congress! The U.S. Congress!




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